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About Us

Please E-mail or call for more information:

SoonerPuppies@gmail.com or (call or text) 580 -271-1991!    


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Fri. Jan. 19  
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Sat. Feb. 3

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My Paypal address is: paypal.me/mypuppies

Check Out Ollie, one of our Cavapoos that is now grown. He lives in Carmel, California, and was featured in Carmel Magazine!

You can read the magazine at Carmel Magazine

Or you can see the picture and his story here.

I am a teacher, and will only answer phone calls, messages, etc on break or after school. Please email soonerpuppies@gmail.com, text or call 580-271-1991.


Boston Terrier
Cocker Spaniel
French Bulldogs
Mini Schnauzer
Yorkie Poos

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About Us:

  • Many quality breeders in this area have been looking for a way to match their healthy puppies to their new owners.  Some of them needed help to list their puppies online and to fly them to their new homes.  That has become a job that I enjoy doing.  I have decided to help a select group of breeders in this area to sell their puppies online.
    • Our breeders are all responsible breeders.  Many are USDA licensed and inspected and some are AKC inspected as well. They are all personally approved by me before the puppies can be listed on my site.
    • All of our breeders work with area vets to have a quality breeding program, including a shot program, etc.
    • Our puppies are vet checked by the breeder's vet as needed, but is also checked and a health certificate issued before the puppy goes to its new home.
    • We choose quality puppies for our website, but we all believe that every puppy should find a good home, not just the perfect ones (even though that is what we breed for).  Please check out our adoption page for more information about puppies for adoption.
  • I am also a USDA licensed transporter, and provide safe transportation of puppies to the airport. Please read our shipping page for more information.
  • Please read our health guarantee for more information about our puppies, and about what we would expect once the puppy arrives.
  • We are located in the southeastern part of the state of Oklahoma.  I live in Antlers, OK, which is a small town in Southeastern Oklahoma. 
  • My name is Rhonda, and I have been a teacher until recently, but have decided to try to be a stay at home mom.  I have also been a single parent, foster parent, and hobby breeder.
  • I do also hold a breeder's license in Oklahoma as well.
  • Many of the puppies you see on this website belong to friends of ours who are professional breeders in this area.  Most of the puppies that you see on our site have been raised in USDA licensed facilities. A few of our puppies are home raised by friends of mine that only have a couple of breeding dogs at their homes. All of them were raised by breeders that are responsible and caring. A few of our breeders are also AKC inspected.
  • If you don't see the puppy you want, or even the breed you want, please let us know because we have several friends that are also breeders and might have the puppy that you want available. 
  • Our dogs are usually ACA or APRI registered, we only occasionally have AKC or other registrations. We also use the Premium Canine Association, for registration of some of our Designer breeds.
  • All of the puppies on our website have had their shots and have been de-wormed.  We also microchip our puppies.  They are vet checked and have a health certificate before they are shipped.
  • If you need more information, please use the contact numbers below.



Contact Information

Telephone (or Text)
           (Ask for Rhonda.  If you don't get me, please leave a message because this is my cell phone and sometimes we don't have good cell phone service)
       580-298-6335 (hardware store)
580-298-3159 (car lot)
Rhonda Bridges
Route 2 Box 475
Antlers, OK  74523

We always prefer that you pick the puppy up in person if you are close enough to do that, but we have been safely shipping puppies to their new homes for years. Shipping is available preferably with American Airlines because they have direct flights to many destinations. Shipping includes the vet check, health certificate, crate, transportation to the airport, and the flight as well.

Click here for more shipping information!

If you are in the DFW area, remember we drive there weekly! Click here if you live close to DFW.


Please e-mail me for more information: soonerpuppies@gmail.com

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