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I am a teacher, and will only answer phone calls, messages, etc on break or after school. Please email soonerpuppies@gmail.com, text or call 580-271-1991.


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This page has just a few of the quotes from our satisfied customers:

    (We want to post yours here next!)


i Rhonda,


It has been a while, we purchased our Yorkshire terrier from you in 2010. We named him Milo, we are living in Massachusetts still and Milo is still a happy 7 year old. He has been the joy of our life and we absolutely love him to death. Anywhere my kids and I go, Milo goes if we are able to take him. We are so glad that we found your website and you were absolutely great through the whole buying, information process. We couldnít have asked for a better person to do business with. If I am ever in search of another Yorkie, I will Definitely go through your sight. I was happy to still see that you are in business.


Thanks Again



Hi Rhonda,
I've been wanting to send an update/thank you about my sweet puppy I got from you. I got her this past May, 2015. She was a female morkie named Polly (now named Molly). She has been the biggest joy to my life! She is so sweet, a little spunky and all around perfect. She is very smart too! We found out potty training on a pee pad wasn't for her. Once she received her last puppy shots she learned to go potty outside VERY quickly. She already knows many tricks such as sit, lay down, stay, come and roll over. She's attached to momma's hip (probably because I spoil her so much!) Thank you so much for her! Your service was easy and you were very polite throughout the process. I had searched for months on the Internet for a morkie puppy and literally almost gave up. As I clicked on your website (at 2am) I told myself that this would be the last one and I wasn't going to look anymore. Turns out God had a plan and he led me to just the right, most perfect, puppy I could have. I just wanted to thank you for bringing us together and for making the whole process so easy. Here are some pictures of our time together these past few months, I thought you'd enjoy them!



Hi Rhonda,
    I just wanted to let you know that I received Bella without incident yesterday. She is absolutely perfect and we love her to pieces already! She seemed to do fine on her flight and everyone at American airlines was helpful and friendly.
    Thanks so much for making this such a positive experience with such a great outcome. You always here about horror stories when it comes to buying something online but you proved true to your word in every way and Bella is everything you promised and more. She will always have a wonderful life in her forever with my husband and I with lots of love and constant attention.





Hi Rhonda,

I wanted to give you an update on Stanley. He is getting big!! We adore the hell out of him! He has his moments of terror, but so does every other puppy. He's super healthy, and almost potty trained. He still forgets every now and then. Thanks again for this new addition to our family. We couldn't be happier!


Dear Rhonda:

We will be checking your website. I don't know if you know this, but I will say it anyway.  You make your clients very happy! You spread love.

We love our sweet, playful, always happy to see us Bambi!


I just wanted to update you on Berrie!  You knew her as Brayley.  She is doing so great!  She caught a cold a few days after I got her home.  The vet we saw gave her an antibiotic and she bounced right back.  In fact she bounces when she runs so I lovingly call her Bouncy Berrie.  She has been to our regular vet and got a clean bill of health.  I have also taken her to her first grooming visit.  It took me about 15-20 minutes to get in to the store and the same getting out.  Everyone wants to see and pet my cute little girl!  She has met her cousin Colt (black toy poodle in pic) and they are getting along famously!

Hello Rhonda,
My husband picked up the puppy (we named him Ted) and he arrived safely. Shawn said he is cute as a button, very playful, energetic and full of life! Thank you so much for such a smooth transaction and for making it so easy to work with you. We are extremely pleased with the entire transaction process, the open communication and the continued updates, yay!
We will certainly recommend you to all of our friends/family, you are awesome.
Have a great day, and thank you for Ted!
Shawn and Rebeca



Hi Rhonda,
I hope this email finds you well. I meant to send it months ago, but life just got in the way! I just wanted to thank you for bringing Lance the shih tzu, whose name is now Nico, into my life back in April. He has turned out to be such an amazing little companion and I am just absolutely in love with him! He just celebrated his 10 month birthday last week :) He's happy and healthy and he loves everybody, even his vet and other dogs! He is most definitely a lover...always
wants to be near people...He's sitting on my lap right now as I type this email. I wanted to share some photos with you so you can see him all grown up! When it is time to get Nico a brother or sister, I will most definitely come back to you. This dog has some good genes :)
Thank you again!!

Hi Rhonda,
I just wanted to send a "thank you!" your way. We purchased our little malti-poo, Barney, in January of 2011 and he is about to have his second birthday this month. He brings so much joy to our lives and is my husband's little shadow. We tried changing his name after we got him but kept going back to Barney and we use the nickname Bon-bon frequently. We love how relaxed and laid back he is. He's always cuddled up next to someone whether it be on the couch or the bed. He is beyond spoiled! He loves to wedge in between us and sleep on his back with his head propped up on a pillow! We love Barney so much that my parents bought a energetic little yorki-poo named Hunter from you as well. Both dogs are healthy and happy :) I have attached a couple of pics of Barney and Hunter. Thank you for our furry blessings!
Jon and Larissa

Hi Rhonda,
Here is an updated pic of LittleMan aka Heath (back) along with his play mate Hershee (front). I can't believe they are already 5 months young! We originally wanted one but after my hubby seen LIttleMan he wanted a play mate for him so on our search we found Hershee who is just a week older than him. I am SO VERY HAPPY to have them in our family. They truely are like having two little babies! They follow me every where, sleep with us, go shopping ect. I don't ever leave them alone. They love to lay in my lap when watching TV and brush on them. I'm now in the process of painting their room with doggy print pattern, it's going to be so cute!. Think I've bought them every accessory possible lol Love taking them for walks in their stroller and they love it too... we sure get some looks/comments :0) Both of them allow others to pet them but will only allow myself, my hubby, my son, and their groomer to hold them. No matter where we are if I let them out to walk around (tinkle) they will not walk away from me at all. They are spoiled to the max! I'm so happy our daughter told us about you and hooked us up I couldn't be any happier with my experience with you. He's in perfect heath and as happy as can be! They are the king and queen of the house. The new joke with us is since our kids are all grown up, married, and families of their own we started over LOL
If ever in a search again for another puppy you will be my 1st stop! I have even referred you to others, as a fact I posted a link your web site on the Andrews Tex pet site today for someone.
hey rhonda,
hi its Lisa. I purchased a Shih Poo puppy from you who was named Jimmy. His new name now is Bentley and he is the joy of my life. He is definitely a mama's boy. He became bonded with me right away and i love him to death. I am very satisfied with the experience and I love Bentley to death. he is my baby. i take him everywhere with me. I will definitely buy from you again. thank you so much for such a blessing.
thank you,
Lisa and Bentley aka Jimmy
Happy 4th of July! Just wanted to let you know how Micah now Gertie is doing. She is the joy of our life, she sleeps with us, goes shopping on occasion with us, and I think (know) we have spoiled her rotten. She is even sporting a $90 collar. Gertie is doing pretty well with her potty training, is very healthy, and loves to go out and play in the backyard as long as we are out there with her. Thank you so much for getting her to us safely and in good health. I am attaching a picture of our baby girl so you can see how well she is doing. Once again, thank you for everything.
James and Ruth


boots is 11 weeks old today, and i wanted to let you know how he is doing. he is really developing a personality.  he follows me where ever I go around the yard.  he is very attentive and curious.  he has bonded with us quickly.  if a car goes by or an airplane flies over, he stops and looks for it.  I have noticed that he sometimes stops and watches tv.  he is eating very well.  we are so proud of him.  he is healthy and everything we had hoped for.  Thank you so much for letting us buy him.  We had our last poodle (scooter) for 11 years, and we lost him last year.  I have missed him so badly, I did not think I could find another such dog, but I think I have now.  I had looked all over for another minature, and I gave up on finding one here in N Texas, so I thought about se Oklahoma, and there was the picture of Boots.  He is one great little dog.  Thanks.
Jimmie Emerson


Hi Rhonda,

I just wanted to send you an update on the Maltese that my boyfriend and I bought from you in January. You knew him as "Mickey", but we know him as "Easton". He is very healthy and active. He definitely has a very unique personality and we don't know what we would do without him. He weighed 4.0LBS on our last vet visit. He's doing very well and he's very happy and EXTREMELY spoiled. Thank you so much for such a sweet little guy. I have attached a picture of Easton to this email.
Thanks again,
Sacia & Nate

Hi Rhonda,
I just wanted to send you an email and let you know how much I am enjoying my new ShihPoo puppy that I bought from you last month. He brings such joy to my life and he is the most wonderful puppy! I have already had many people tell me that they are going to steal him away from me! I have referred your website to many people because you did such a wonderful job with my sweet boy. I wanted to send you a few pictures of him so you can see how he has grown. He had so much fun in the recent Texas snow storm! Thank you again for everything!


Hi, Rhonda
This is Emma. I bought "Jock" from you last year. I just want to thank you again for give me this cute baby! We love him so much. I just attached some pictures of him. He is almost 2 year now. Thanks for take care of him when he was new born. He is really healthy and happy everyday. We are so glad to have him!



I am just sending you a little thank you again, for the wonderful yorkie puppy, now dog that we got from you 2 years ago. Milo has been such a joy to have around. He has a super personality even though at times he gets a little bossy, we still love him to death. He just has an unbelievable personality, I just canít get over some of the funny stuff he does. Our 70lb. dog gets aggravated with him at times, but he will not go outside without her, because he wants to have her chase him. I am still recommending people to you if they are looking for a dog. I actually brought Milo to a yard sale this summer and a man said that he wanted to get a yorkie for his wife and I gave him your website.

Good Luck!  Hope you and your family have a safe and wonderful new year.



Hi Rhonda.  Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how Jade is doing with her new family!  She has been an awesome addition to our family.  We gave her to my oldest daughter, Brittany, who is in college but lives at home.  She is in and out of the house with work, riding horses, and school.  But when she is gone, there is always someone else around to keep Jade entertained!  We have 2 other children, ages 16 and 18, then my husband and I and my mother-in-law are always around.  She seems well adjusted so far!  We take her in the car with us if nobody is going to be home for a while.  She has gone down to Plano with us for volleyball practices on several occasions already.  She is a happy puppy and has seemed to adjust very well to our busy lives. 

Thank you again, and I hope this new year brings you health and happiness!  I just wanted to give you an update on her progress!



Hello Rhonda-

It has been a little over a year since Zack came into my life. I changed his name to Fritz, it fits his personality very well. He is the most amazing little dog ever. He is spoiled rotten not only by me but by my parents. He goes to day care at least once a week and loves playing at the dog park on the weekends.
I have been meaning to email you so many times but finally had the time a year later. I have attached some recent pictures of him. Yes, I dress him up in different outfits and he doesn't even mind. He is such a good sport!
Happy New Year!


I picked up Micah, now Kia from the airport this week and she is the best girl.  This is my second dog from Rhonda and because of the great puppy I got two years ago, when I saw Micah I knew I could depend on Rhonda.  These puppies travel arrangements are great, as mine come all the way to Montana and never a problem. Both have been healthy and active puppies.  Don't think twice about working with Rhonda as she is very professional.
Janet Atchison
Helena, MT


Ms. Rhonda,
I wanted to email and tell you thank you so very much for my "Joey". He is truly a wonderful addition to my family. Joey was so tiny when I picked him up from the airport and I was really afraid that he would be sickly. Well, Joey has stretched out a few inches and gained two more pounds! After a few hit and misses, we got the crate training down pat! He enjoy his walks outside and with the recent cold spell in the Carolinas, I have invested in heavy sweaters to keep him warm. My son adores Joey and after school he lights up when my son walks through the door. I tend to baby him and at night, Joey sits on my lap. I wanted to share the photo with you of my son and Joey in front of their Christmas tree. And I wanted to thank you so very much for my little baby Joey, the mini apple of my eye!
Thank you and have a wonderful Christmas holiday!



Dear Rhonda,
My boyfriend and I purchased our Jack Russell/Mini Schnauzer mix from you when we found out we were moving from an apartment to a house.  She is just the most lovable, caring, sensitive, funny, and fun dog that I have ever met.  She loves to play and run, but she also loves a good snuggle on the couch, or under the covers in bed.  Within hours of picking her up at the airport she was attached to me and still follows me around the house.  She quickly became a huge part of our family and I could not be happier!  Thank you so much!
~Shauna, Sal, and Kenzie :)


We purchased Bitsy a Schnoodle pup (FKA Dominic) the evening our beloved dog passed away. Bitsy arrived the next day safe and sound on a direct flight to us. He has been the joy of our lives and is catching on to potty training rather quickly. He is so very tiny that it took some getting used to watching on tippie toes for a few days. Now he has run of the house and melts all of our hearts daily with his silly pup attitude. We can not imagine our lives without this pup, he is like a son to us.

Thank you Rhonda for your quick shipping and timely responses. Our hearts are healing now with our new love.

 Leah & Will - Sussex WI


Hey Rhonda,
This is Brittney, me and my ex bought "molly" which is now Savannah the teacup yorkie in February. Just wanted to send you an update. She a doll and such a fun puppy to have, she has one of the biggest attitudes and loves to cuddle. She also loves to shower with people lol. She is great, and got big. When i am ready to buy Savannah a friend it would def be from you. I attached some new pics of her growth & attitude. Thanks again Brittney

Hello Rhonda,

We just wanted to give you an update on "Stevie," the red-nosed Dachshund my husband and I purchased from you approximately two months ago. We have changed his name to Rowan and he plays and gets along well with our other puppy just fine. Although it took a little while for him to get used to the new surroundings, with obedience training, patience and loving care, he has blossomed into such a beautiful, eager and loving companion with loads of humorous personality. I have attached a few pictures of him playing in the park and relaxing with my husband, as well as taking a nap with Nigel, our Chi-weenie. I have to say, although my husband and I were skeptical about buying a puppy we found online, we are truly satisfied with the results and want to thank you for making the entire process such an enjoyable and gratifying experience as well as providing us with such a terrific canine kid. :)
Best wishes to you and your family,

Jah'Lin and Phillip
I purchased a puppy from you a while back and i would just like to say thanks.she is a true joy and a great family pet.we renamed her buttercup but her name was jenni.she has been here almost a year now and she is just great. watever your doing wen you breed your puppys keep on doing it because this is the first time i hav ever had a dachshund that is good around children and i would just like to let you know to please keep my email on your records because from now on i will buy all my dachshund puppys from you.i only own one dachshund at a time because they are strictly pets so it will probably be a wile till i purchase another one from you but please keep me in your business contacts for future purchases. hav a good day and thanks for such a good dog.
Hello Rhonda, 

This is Darlene Dixon, I purchased Eldon and had him shipped to to my son in Rochester, NY on 4/28.  I've been thinking about emailing you an update on Eldon, so here it is!
My son named him "Penner", short for Fred Penner who was (maybe still is a children's show host).  He played a guitar and sat on a log in the woods.  He always had a "lesson" for his audience and my son loved the show.  One day, he was about 3 years old at the time, he asked me if Fred Penner lived in our backyard.  We had woods behind our house at that time and I gently said no Eric, I don't think he does but you never know!  Of course we have since giggled about Eric the little boy with Eric the man (he is 24 now) about Fred Penner!
"Penner" is the sweetest little dog.  He is very attached to Eric and very loyal.  Eric has taught him to sit, shake, roll over and speak.  He spends lots of time with Penner and takes very good care of him.  "Pen" likes to run up the stairs, go in Eric's room and get a sock out of the dirty clothes basket, then stands at the top of the stairs to entice Eric to chase him.  If Eric closes his bedroom door - no problem for Penner, he just goes in Eric's roommate Chris' room and gets one of his socks!  Of course as a dog lover myself with 2 Jack Russell Terriers, I could go on and on.
So rest assured that Penner is well loved and taken care of.  
Thank you for making it so easy for us to make Penner a part of our lives!

I thought you and Crystal may like to see pictures of Kelsey from her first birthday and more.  Kelsey is the sweetest most compassionate dog.  She definitely is a mama's girl.  We are practically inseparable.  Kelsey loves to go shopping with me.  Every time we go out more than one person comes up to me and says that she is the cutest dog they have ever seen.  Most people come up to us to see if she is real.  They think she is a stuffed teddy bear.  Especially when her coat has grown out some.  It is funny how different she can look depending on the growth of her coat.
Some people have stated that Kelsey and I should be in one of those pictures of how dogs and owners look alike.  For a long time now I have been perming and dying my hair red.  As my hair color lightens it becomes closer and closer to Kelsey's shade.

. . . . .

Kelsey and I definitely are a perfect match.  I love her to pieces and she returns this emotion. 
Sincerely, Cheryl



The puppy arrived on time with no issues at the airport.  He seemed
scared and shy at first, but it was probably just jet lag.  He is
happy and healthy, and loves his new home!  Our other dachshund puppy
loves her new playmate also.  I was a bit skeptical about buying a
puppy over the internet, but it was very simple and I am very glad
that I did.  Thank you for making the process so easy!  Couldn't be
happier with the puppy or buying process.


We have Benson and he is the sweetest thing in the entire world!! Thank you so much!!!!!! We will keep you updated with pictures and everything. We are taking him to te vet tomorrow at 2:30 so I will let you know how it goes

-Michael Jansky


Just wanted to let you know that I picked up josh at the airport yesterday. He's a little shy and confused about everything I think. But he's warming up to me. Looks better than the pictures! Thanks again, the entire process was a pleasure.

-Dan Harter

Hello! We drove to El Paso TX today to pick up Wallie (now Ouija). He arrived just fine! I was so happy to see him! We stopped to let him go potty and to eat and drink a little bit. He was a little cold at first but was very happy and excited once he got in the car. We made it home just fine and he's sleeping in his kennel as we speak! He's had a few accidents in the house but we'll keep working on that. Thank you so much again for everything! He'll fit right in perfectly with our family!

Hi, we received Baker (now Luigi) yesterday! He was a little shy and shaky at first but warmed up really quickly. He ate alot and is really playful, alert and affectionate. Overall, i am very pleased with the experience and will recommend your services to everyone. Thank you again.



hi rhonda was kind of nervous about buying a dog on the internet especially from oklahoma but we trusted our instincts and try to believe people are true to there word and i sure am glad ....you came through just like you said and he arrived in anchorage alaska right on time witch is important becauase of the 3 hour travel time from sterling alaska,he was in a little shock when he got here but we followed your directions and he is a good dog ,took to vet they give him 100% we have had him since11/28/09 and he has had a few accidents in the house but almost house broke in4 days wow,he is retrieving the ball and bringing it back,just can't believe it..he's been a joy wife is spoiling him with toys thank you very much jeff eiche sterling alaska

We were skeptical about this process and after talking with you, I could hear the care and love you give your puppies.  We were not alone at the airport, there was a mother with her two beautiful little girls there also picking up a puppy. 
Buster was fine, he was a little timid at first but I took him out of his carrier and we fell in love instantly.  The flight did not stress him out at all as he was prancing around like a Clydesdale , quite a bounce in his step.  He has also gone potty outside already so we are just besides ourselves with how well this all turned out.
We will be looking to buy a girl Brussels griffon from you in the future so Buster can carry on Bandits blood line.
Thank you for taking such great care with what becomes peoples babies!  Thank you for taking the time with me during this process as well God Bless you and yours Rhonda, continued success to you, we will surely refer you to all that want to purchase a puppy.
The Hansen Family

Just wanted you to know that Marise, now named Sassy, is doing just fine, she is so cute, we just love her. She is eating good and loves to go out doors, she loves people and everyone just love her. Thank you very much, we will take very good care of her, The Nickel's  from Florida


Hi Rhonda,

I just wanted to thank you for everything... You are one of the best breeder, took the time to answer all my questions and explained everything I needed and wanted to know about my baby Denton.  He arrived with all documentations as you had stated also cleaned and not smelling like other puppies.  He is a great joy to have.  I have changed his name to Tiger because he really thinks he is one.... Again it has been a pleasure dealing with you... You are GREAT!!!!!!  Thank you so very much!!!!
Rosie From Orlando Florida

Hi Rhonda,

We picked up the puppies at the airport this mornng.  They are beautiful.  They seemed a little cold, but we wrapped them and within about 10 minutes they were very active. 
They are currently chewing on our shoe strings.
Thank you so much.
Leo and Kate

Hi Rhonda,

I took Rita to the vet today and everything was in order and Rita is a fine healthy puppy! Her shots are all up to date. She is really good natured. Even the vet commented that she was so patient for a puppy. . .

As we discussed at one point, buying a puppy over the internet is difficult. It is a grand leap of faith. Thanks for providing us with a healthy happy puppy.



Good afternoon Rhonda,

I wanted to let you know Benson arrive without any problems and we have been able to give him water and cesar food. Thank you again for everyhting!

Hi Rhonda,

 I just wanted to thank you for a two very cute and sweet puppies. Max and and shy boy are so sweet. Max is really a sweet little puppy that just loves to fallow everyone around and Shy Boy just wants to be on your lap all the time. You made this process so easy and answered all my questions with no problems. Thanx for giving us so very wonderful puppies to call our own.
  Here are some pic of them
You have really provided a valuable service with your website. After the passing of our dog Sadie from cancer we didn't know if we could look for another family member anytime soon. While browsing online I came across your website and started looking at the various breeds. I have a family member who has a Yorkie and it was very intellegent and had a great personality. Long story short I saw a pair of 5 month old brothers listed and imediately felt that they were too irresistable and shouldn't be seperated so that is what started the process of adoption.
Even though they've only been here a few days we can tell it was meant to be. Thank you for the great job you do both on the web site and on the phone.
Dave and Chris Shute
Warsaw, NY
Hi Rhonda, just wanted to drop a note to say thank you for a wonderful poodle puppy which we named Hennessy, she just had a Birthday which we celebrated with cake & friends, I can't thank you enough, now were ready for our second puppy from you, hope to hear from you soon.
Ana/New Jersey

hello Rhonda,
 me and Cindy has just arrived home and she is sooo adorable, she is everything i imagined and more. my family and i are very greatful and thank you very much.
She is not scared and she is very playful.


Hi Rhonda,   Just wanted to let you know that the puppy lionel is doing great.  He is now 4lbs. and very playful and healthy.  He has received his first grooming and completed his shots.  He eats well and has adjusted to his new home.  We are so happy to have him.  We have renamed him Gabriel.   Best regards to you.      Roger Ross


         We picked up Hallie from the airport today like planned and she is so much sweeter than we expected she is so cute. She has been playing since she got out of the kennel. We are so happy to have in our home , Thank you so much for all you have done for us we will never forget who gave us our little zoey we love her already and know it will only get better from here .
Thank You ,
                    The Pratt Family

hi rhonda, the boys are so much fun.   they are very smart! i took them to the vet , and he was amazed what wonderful heath they were in and how well bread. the ladies i work with at the hospital, threw a puppy shower for us.so there are many toys to chew on , instead of daddy's shoes. i'm not sure if i told you their names the larger silver on is Ajax and the little black masked one is Bandit. Thanks again Rhonda , we couldn't be happier    Steve  &  the Boys






Hi rhonda,
 We are writing to thank you soo much for our new beautiful puppy! We have renamed her Bella. She is absolutely a wonderful, loving, playful dog. If I had my choice of any puppy in the world I would still have chose her, she is a perfect fit for our family. She seemed a little nervous when she first came home but she has already warmed up to all of us. She plays when you want her to play and she lays when you want her to lay. I honestly can't say enough good things about this puppy, i am in love. She is just so gorgeous too. My kids are thrilled with her, they haven't stopped playing with bella since she came through the door, and she loves it. Thank you for being so nice and for answering ALL of my questions, i know there were alot. You really made the whole process so easy. And the price was more affordable even with the shipping than buying a dog on sale at our pet store!
Again, thanks so much,
Allen and Daniela Laquidara

hello there! chum, who is renamed charlie due to the younger children in the house wanting to change his name. anywho, chum/charlie is just precious! he's such a good boy, rarely barks, very playful, loving, and he gets along with the cat that lives in the house. he's not housebroken yet but we're trying. he knows to go on the newspaper and has a spot outside in the backyard where he likes to do his stuff. he's very nice to other dogs and little children. his shot knot is getting better, i see hair growing back which is great. everyone finds him just beautiful and a very nice pet for our family.

thank you rhonda!
we'll be sure to take very good care of him

Hi Rhonda,

Just wanted to let you know that we picked up the puppy yesterday and he is everything and more then I expected.  He started bonding with me right away.  He is a snuggler and loves to get up on my shoulder to lay when I am in my recliner.  He cried like a baby last night at bed time.  Just like when my daughter was a baby, I got out of bed to go to him.  He ended up sleeping with us for a bit.  I have a feeling he is going to know how to get his own way before the end of the week.  He's going to be spoiled rotten!  Thanks so much.
Rhonda, we love our little Lillie Bell SO much.  She's growing, being sassy, and just such a good girl.  Our girls call her "Silly Lillie", and that is just about right.  Thank you for letting me be her momma.  I love her a bunch! 
We are very happy with August, the Airedale puppy we got from you a month ago.  He arrived on schedule and got a clean bill of health from our vet.  He was pretty easy to housebreak even though we didn't use a crate or anything special.  We just scolded when he made a mistake and gave him treats when he went outside and he caught on in less than a week.  He's great with kids and follows our cat around everywhere but doesn't try to hurt him.  He just wants to play.  He's obviously intelligent and wants to please us so that helps a lot. 
My wife saw his sisters are still on your website and said she wishes we had more room so we could adopt them too.  We can't do that but if Aryana and Annalee are anything like their brother, they are something special and I hope they find the homes they deserve.
Barbara and Wayne
Ashburn VA
he's absolutely adorable!! Thank you so much!
I can't thank Rufftimeskennels enough for getting me my new dog. You can tell she was raised with lots of love by her sweet disposition." 

Thanks again,

He is such a great little puppy, hardly any mistakes and such a joy to have around all the time, he spends the whole day with me at work, loves to greet people when they come into the store. He had his last set of shots and will start heart worm next week. Willie has gained 3 pounds since he first arrived here. I also want to thank you again.
    Cliff and Willie  Mays
Hi Rhonda,
I ordered my puppy from you almost seven months ago.I have to tell you he is so wonderful and loves everyone.He has such a wonderful happy personality and everyone who meets him loves him.
Thanks Again
Chris Brunelle
We adopted two poodle puppies Monday, June 25, 2007, an apricot - Honey
and a very small black and white - Happy.  They are so much fun.  They
are gaining like they should.  Honey has gained a pound and Happy about
1/2 a pound.  Still working on the housebreaking but their sleeping
though the night came the second night we had them.
I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for "Prince". He looks exactly like the picture on your web site. I have to admit I was a little worried about the whole online purchasing of a Puppy, and an expensive one at that. You have really made me believe that there are good honest people out there, and not to be so pessimistic about everyone.
Thank Again-
You have definitely earned some references on my behalf.

I just wanted to let you know I received Mercer yesterday and I am extremely satisfied with the whole expereince of working with you. Receiving the kennel, vet records, puppy food, info about caring for the puppy, etc. was EXTREMELY helpful. Mercer is such a happy puppy and I can tell he received good care with you. Please feel free to use me as a reference for future customers.

Lindsey J. Long
It was wonderful working with Rhonda to adopt our yorkipoo, whom we have renamed "Enzo".
The transaction and shipping went smoothly.  Rhonda always makes herself available to answer any questions or concerns that we have about our new family member. If I decide to adopt again (and I may in the near future) I would adopt through Rufftimes again.
Thank you again, Rhonda.  It has been a very pleasant association.  We will keep you posted as to our little guy's progress and promise to send pictures soon.
Robin and Family
Wakefield, Massachusetts
Dear Rhonda and All,
I just wanted you to know how much we love our new dog...Her name is now Maggie Mae, she is wonderful. I took her to our vet today and they loved her. She will get more shots in three weeks. She is very funny and cute and our other dog seems to love her. Im trying to find a home for the last Havamalt you guys have. I would take another picture of her with her fluffy fur so they can see how she looks now. Im so excited to have her and so is my family. You guys did a great job and were true to what you said I would love to buy another dog from you . Also Im going to put the word out and send your site around. I think its wonderful and you can tell these dogs are truly loved .
Love, Laurie Sorensen
Dear Rhonda,
You guys have got to breed more Havamalts....she is so cute and we adore her.  She is still tiny.  She is very funny and very loving. Please let me know if you are going to have more puppies. I may have a few people who want them. Her name is Maggie Mae...she is doing great. She seems to be very happy living here in Minnesota! She loves her new sister. Lucy and her play all the time. I will send you a pic soon. My daughter needs to load the computer with some!
Love, Laurie Sorensen
You are a very cool breeder and thanks again for selling me Elaine. She is a gem! I hope to keep on having a good relationship with, if the feeling is mutual. 



Hi Rhonda, Got the puppy on time. He is so cute. Very happy about the purchase. My granddaughter is going to love him. My daughter came over to see him as soon as I got home. She wanted to take him home right then. I will be giving him to my Granddaughter on Christmas Eve. Thanks so much for shipping him on time for that. I had five people wanting to see the puppy at the airport before I could get out of the terminal. They all didn't even know what a Min Pin was? I for sure could of sold at least one, if I had one to sell! Thanks again, and have a Merry Christmas! Bruce
Well,  they finally made it here.  They arrived about midnight last night.  Lots of flight delays, and bad weather.  They are fine and did real well last night.  Both of them are so perfect....... I am very happy with both of them.  Thanks for everything and I will send pictures real soon.
Thanks Rick
We just wanted to say thank you to you and Steve for our new Bichon puppy. She arrived on Saturday in good shape from her plane ride. We have named her Emma. She is so very sweet! She loves to cuddle and be held. My children can't seem to get enough of her. Thank you again, we are so very happy with her. We will take good care of her.
The Kinney family
Rocklin, CA
hi i just wanted to thank you again!! i love him, hes so sweet and loving, he's perfect for me! he found a great home where he will be loved and spoiled haha
thx so much
p.s. ill send a picture soon
Hi Rhonda,
Well, I now have my "beautiful" Baby Girl that I have named Delaney Grace
probabably Gracie for short, and I'm the happiest new Mom on this planet
that you can imagine. lol
My Baby Girl is everything I dreamed and wished for in a little Maltese Baby,
she is perfect in every way. That little teeny tiny doll face just won my heart the
minute I laid eyes on her, I haven't came down to earth yet. ha/ha
She did wonderful on the trip home, no upset tummy or any signs of being
stressed out with new surroundings and new Mom ( which by the way, she
already knows I'm her new Mommy), so I'm just so elated at how well the
transition has went.
I have an appt. tomorrow with my Vet for our "well puppy check", and if you
could forward or relay my message to Carl to let him know how happy I'am
and how well the baby is doing....I would appreciate it so much. Also, I need
for Carl to email me her shot & worming records, or just email the info. of
when it was administered and what shots were given. That way my Vet can
take it from there!
And tell Carl Thank-You, Thank-You, and Thank-You again, for raising the
cutiest sweetest healthy little babies that ordinary Folks like me can afford
to have the pleasure of having one. Most babies like his are way toooo out
of reach for us ordinary Folk, and I feel so blessed that all my searching has
finally paid off. I will give Carl the best reference if he ever needs me to! I will
be more than happy to spread the good news of how healthy and beautiful
his puppies are. I will probably be a lifetime customer myself, because I may
want another Baby Girl just like my Gracie maybe in another year. And my
Friend Grandma Vi will definately be wanting a Baby or two, as well! She fell
in-love my Baby, and held her all the way back to her house after meeting
Carl in Henryetta.
Anyway, I will keep everyone posted on how baby Gracie is doing with photo's posted periodically.
Again.....Thank You All So Much from the bottom of my Heart!
Gail & Baby Gracie




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