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Please E-mail or call for more information:

SoonerPuppies@gmail.com or (call or text) 580 -271-1991!    


Shipping Dates

Are you in the DFW area?

Sat. Feb. 24


Sat. Mar. 3  
Sat. Mar. 10


Sat. Mar. 17

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Sat. Mar. 24  

My Paypal address is: paypal.me/mypuppies

I am a teacher, and will only answer phone calls, messages, etc on break or after school. Please email soonerpuppies@gmail.com, text or call 580-271-1991.


American Bully
Brussels Sprouts
Cocker Spaniel
French Bulldogs
Irish Doodles
Mini Aussies
Mini Schnauzer
Shih Tzu
Yorkie Poos

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We microchip all of our puppies before the go to their new homes.  We use the AVID or HomeAgain microchips.  We will provide a form to register the microchip in your name so that if your puppy is lost, the person who finds it can find out who the puppy belongs to. The microchip will not be registered to you and will not have your information unless you send in the registration form that will be provided with the puppy.

A microchip is small, about the size of a grain of rice, and it is implanted under the puppy's skin, usually located between the shoulder blades of the puppy.  The only information stored on the microchip is the microchip number.  A microchip reader is able to scan the chip, and retrieve the number that is stored on it.  A vet, shelter, or breeder would have access to a reader, along with rescues, etc.  You must send in the form to register the microchip in your name so that someone who finds your puppy would be able to contact you.


Click here for a copy of the AVID form for registration:

AVID registration form

 Please visit the HomeAgain website for information about registering a HomeAgain Microchip.


We always prefer that you pick the puppy up in person if you are close enough to do that, but we have been safely shipping puppies to their new homes for years. Shipping is available preferably with American Airlines because they have direct flights to many destinations. Shipping includes the vet check, health certificate, crate, transportation to the airport, and the flight as well.

Click here for more shipping information!

Check Out Ollie, one of our Cavapoos that is now grown. He lives in Carmel, California, and was featured in Carmel Magazine!

You can read the magazine at Carmel Magazine

Or you can see the picture and his story here.

If you are in the DFW area, remember we drive there weekly! Click here if you live close to DFW.


Please e-mail me for more information: soonerpuppies@gmail.com

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